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Subject: CIPE on DEC Alpha
From: Mike Warnecke <mike,AT,moops,DOT,org>
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 19:12:44 +0200

Hi all, I'm new to the CIPE list.  I'm assuming it is ok to post in 
English, since most of the other posts are in English.

After a miserable time with FreeS/WAN to set up the first link in my 
replacement VPN, I decided to use CIPE, but ran into troubles.

Is anyone using CIPE on Alpha hardware?  I had troubles which I managed 
to fix:
1) Many warnings from gcc 3.1, I went instead to 2.96 for both kernel 
and CIPE
2) The crc32 code assumes unsigned long is 32 bits, which fails 
miserably on Alpha.  This should really be set using __u_int32_t or 
something similar.
3) A few calls to bind were missing the cast from sockaddr_in* to sockaddr*.

Has anyone else experienced problems in these areas?  I'd like to know 
if it's my build environment before I submit patches to Olaf.

Anyway, the link is working now, and gives me great performance, and is 
orders of magnitude simpler than FreeS/WAN.


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