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Subject: W2K/2.0-pre14 service start troubles
From: Chris Allen <c.allen1,AT,lancaster,DOT,ac,DOT,uk>
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 12:19:12 +0200

Problem Summary:

The CIPED_Service doesn't start on boot despite being set to 'Automatic'.


I've got a Win2K (Pro, SP2) box running CIPE-Win32 2.0-pre14 - it works
perfectly except that the CIPED_Service (listed as 'DKW Heavy Industries
VPN Adaptor.  Service') doesn't start on boot, despite being listed as
'Automatic'.  I've tried running 'cipsrvr.exe install' to correct this,
but it hasn't changed anything.  Solutions / work-arounds much

Random Observations:

The system takes longer to boot, and in particular sits with a message
saying 'Preparing network connections' for longer than I recall seeing in
the past.

Boring details:

Win2k service settings:

    Start parameters: none
    Action on failure: take no action
    State after boot: stopped
    Startup type: automatic


Win2k Pro SP2 with CIPE-Win32 2.0-pre14
( / CIPE interface
( / Real IP


Linux 2.4.18 (RH 3) smp with CIPE-1.5.4
( / CIPE interface
( / Real IP

The Linux box's CIPE connection is permanently available (always running,
and never terminates on errors), so it is certainly available at boot
time, should Win2k need that.


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