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Subject: Cipe and dialup...
From: Marco Gaiarin <gaio,AT,sv,DOT,lnf,DOT,it>
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 10:32:07 +0200

I've setup a cipe link via a dialup ISDN linux box (debian).

Note that in isdn linux way of life, isdn syncronous ppp interfaces
to local provider are ever up, simply if receive some traffic they
dialup and change ip/peer/defaultroute information.

In this setup there's no way to tear up&down the cipe interfaces, they
are ever up.

But often traffic are destined to a cipe interfaces (say cipcb7), and i
think this fire up key exchange algorithm, that clearly use the ippp0
interfaces so ISDN goes up.
But the time (some seconds) are too for key exchange, and the cipe
interfaces does't work.
Note that the peer receive some info, they print ``new peer:
X.Y.Z.W:Q'', but interface does't work.

Another thing.

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