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Subject: Re: Cipe and dialup...
From: Marco Gaiarin <gaio,AT,sv,DOT,lnf,DOT,it>
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 16:56:20 +0200
In-reply-to: <20020927081039.GB15661@sv.lnf.it>

Mandi! Mark Smith
  In chel di` si favelave...

> Best guess is that the link doesn't know what IP the other end is until it
> sends some traffic.  On the end that you established the ssh connection
> from, add
> ping 30

Mmmh... i suppose this was a solution, but too expensive... (in Italy
there's no flat ISDN access).

> to the CIPE config file, which will unfortunately maintain the ISDN link
> permanently.  Until a packet arrives, the remote end doesn't know the
> (perhaps new) IP address that your ISDN connection is now using.  However,
> your ping should have done that.  Perhaps it's the other way around, and
> your end doesn't know the address of the other end until it sends a packet
> back as part of the ssh connection.

?! I suppose that when a cipe dynamic peer comes up, and say to static
peer ``hi, i'm X.Y.Z.W:P'', the static one keep talking to X.Y.Z.W:P
until some other greeting arrived.

If i've understood well, when the static peer expire the key, they
doesn't even try to contact dynamic peer, so link cant work. Right?!

> I'll admit to being a little confused by your description, but if the remote
> is a static IP then you might be able to put something into the ifup script
> that causes traffic to be sent over the link, or better, use this to
> enable/disable the cipcb interface(s) as well.

?! I've not understood this... i've forgot to say that the local have
static ip, and the rmote has dynamic ip... so this complicate the
things... i've just put in ip-up some pings to (static) peers to force
a key exchange but i cannot do this without keep the connection up...

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