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Subject: RE: SMB protocol runs slowly over Cipe
From: Tanel <tanel,AT,kivilinn,DOT,tartu,DOT,ee>
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 21:04:52 +0200
In-reply-to: <8D7C5F56B409554D9D46AC22195807F3061AB0@exchwenz01.dmcwave.co.nz>

I have WINS server at one end. It doesn't matter if I log onto domain or 
not and doesn't matter if I use trusting accounts or not (win2k or win9x), 
it's always slow.


SMB is as fast as your cable speed with FreeSWAN tunnels ! ! !
I tried it few days ago and I got very good test speeds. so if you need to 
tunnel windows LAN-s, use it. http://www.freeswan.org
I didn't hope it solves my problems, but it really did and it's very 
interesting, why is it slow with Cipe and not with FreeSWAN.

Has anybody tested another tunnels?


On Thu, 3 Oct 2002, Rod Boyce wrote:

> There are lots of reasons for this.  Do you have a WINS server operating at
> both ends?  Are both end of the link either in the same domain or the PDCs a
> each end trust each other.  I can get the same results over a 100MB lan by
> just not trusting the two PDCs that each machine is logged in to.  Try not
> logging into a domain at each end you should see an improvement.  SMB does
> not cross subnets without help I usually put in a Linux box at each end to
> help out.
> If SMB was an animal it would go wolf and most people would have shot it or
> put it down humanely.
> Regards,
> Rod Boyce.
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> From:         Tanel [mailto:tanel,AT,kivilinn,DOT,tartu,DOT,ee 
> Sent: Wednesday, October 02, 2002 12:19 AM
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> Subject:      SMB protocol runs slowly over Cipe
> Hi!
> I have built several Cipe tunnels at several routers. All the way I get 
> results that I can Download files over ftp or http or NFS at maximum speed 
> through Cipe tunnel but SMB protocol i.e. copy/paste over Windows shares 
> through Cipe is always slow - 25-30KB/s (kilobytes/sec). At same time I 
> can download files over ftp or http or NFS at 5 times faster rate, 
> 150KB/s.
> Why is it slow while others protocols are fast?

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