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Subject: RE: How can I start more then 1 cipecb device??
From: "Kirill S. Tarashev" <rikoil,AT,iss,DOT,ru>
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 19:30:24 +0200

The main strange thing there is that if I run second device from pkcipe,
system up it and works. but when I just down this device and try to up it
again manualy - It doesn't work.

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Subject: How can I start more then 1 cipecb device??

Hi there,

I cann't run more then 1 cipcb device
I've already tried to start module manualy and automaticaly but system even
cant find these devices.

what have I done..
make 2 option files -> peer1 and peer2
start daemon ciped-cb -o /etc/cipe/peer1 -> system starts and I have cipcb0
try to start ciped-cb -o /etc/cipe/peer2 -> system don't say me anything and
I can't find any new devices or processes.

Where is my problem?

P.S. if I down peer1 and up peer2 it works without any problems.

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