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Subject: RE: Routing on Win2k
From: Tony Langdon <tlangdon,AT,atctraining,DOT,com,DOT,au>
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 01:28:40 +0200

> Never having done this before and loosing touch with windows 
> anyway.  I
> notice on my work Win2K machine that you can add a route 
> using an interface.
> It may therefore be possible to add a route using the 
> interface and not the
> gateway IP address.  I do not know this for sure but I would 
> suggest giving
> it a go.

I know this problem.  Win2k (and NT for that matter) is very anal about its
interface addressing.  The gateway used must reside in the local network of
the interface the route uses.  Also, unlike *NIX, each interface must reside
on a separate subnet.  You can't get away with the CIPE devices having the
same IP address as an Ethernet interface.

The solution to this problem is to give the CIPE link its own dummy subnet
(for example, I have a CIPE link involving win2k using 10.200.200/24).

So on one end of the link, the CIPE interface has an IP address of, and on the other end, the IP address is

then you just do something like

route add -p <remote network> mask <netmask>

That's how my CIPE link (Linux <--> Win2k) has been operating for around 14
months now, with no problems (except the Win2k side dying from time to time
:) ).

Hope that helps.

> I hope this may help.  I've never been a big fan of Windows I 
> learnt Linux
> when the 1.2 kernels were around and I almost have never 
> looked back.  But I
> have had to support windows users so I know a bit.

I'm another Linux user that dates back to the 1.2.x days. :-)

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