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Subject: CIPE and ADSL lines
From: "Norberto Altalef" <nalt,AT,ub,DOT,edu,DOT,ar>
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 19:09:08 +0200


I have several sites of my organization using cipe 1.5.2 running on RedHat
6.2. I'm using private links, with fixed IP in each end.
Running since a couple of years without problems.

Now I'm planning connect two sites, but using ADSL lines (in both ends)
through the Internet. 

I have several question related with this new (for me) setup and I will
thanks a lot any help or advice.

1- I saw that cipe is included en RedHat 7.3. Is it advisable use this
package from the RedHat distribution ?

2- Since I will have dynamic IP in both ends of the link, I need some setup
in order both sides know the IP of the other side. In the cipe doc, I see
the concept of "dynamic DNS", using pkcipe.
Is this the best way or are there another alternatives ?
What happen if the company don't have a registred domain, is there anothe
way ?

3- May I use the ADSL line at the same time link to a)the two sites and
b)access the Internet (navigation). 
Using two IP's in the internal interface ? One for the encrypted UDP packets
and the other for access the Internet ? Or adding another phisical
interface ?

4- Related with 3) may I install Squid webcache in the same machine ?
I will appreciate very much any help. Sorry for the long post.

Many thanks in advance

Norberto Altalef

Universidad de Belgrano
Departamento de Sistemas
Buenos Aires - Argentina

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