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Subject: Re: Cipe as Dialup
From: "Yves Smolders" <yves.smolders,AT,pandora,DOT,be>
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 18:22:28 +0200
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I see uses for CIPE beyond site-to-site VPN - It could be used for "regular"
dial-up VPN as well, server-client.  Dial-up adapters dynamically change the
routing tables as well, it might be interesting?

Things like the shared secret could be asked at "dial-up" for extra
security, and every dialup adapter made would be the logical place in
Windows to put the local & remote IP's for the adapters.

When using PPTP at the "server side" one can even create a "pool" of IP's
for auto-configuring remote dialups, maybe it can be extended to
auto-configure incoming CIPE connections.

Maybe a Cipe/PPP kind of connection is possible?


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Subject: Re: Cipe as Dialup

Why ?


On Wednesday 23 October 2002 06:00 am, Yves Smolders wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Would it be hard to make a "dialup adapter" version of Cipe on Windows
> platform?
> Yves

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