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Subject: Re: Win32 CIPE on windows 2000 SP2(3) - crashing. - pre15
From: Alan Stern <stern,AT,rowland,DOT,harvard,DOT,edu>
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 16:55:32 +0200

I tried running CIPE -pre14 on the same system briefly (I've been busy
with other things).  It may be too soon to say, but so far it has not
crashed the machine like -pre15 did.  I have no idea what change is
causing the spontaneous reboots, beyond saying that it's probably
something in cipdrvr.sys (which you probably already realized).

However, the cipsrvr program still aborts when started automatically
during bootup.  It runs okay when I start it manually, but that's not good
enough -- the route to my WINS server goes through the CIPE link, so the
service needs to be running at boot time.

I wish there was some way I could track down the source of this problem.
I tried rebuilding the cipsrvr.exe program, using Visual C++ 6.0 (1998) --
that's the most recent Windows software environment I've got.  It fails to
compile because the iphlpapi.h include file can't be found.  That's just
the first compile failure; there may be others farther down the line that
I haven't been able to reach yet.

Is there a simple and inexpensive way for me to get in a position where I
can patch and build the program?  My experience at Windows programming is
_very_ limited, but I can certainly write debugging output to a log file.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Alan Stern

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