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Subject: RE: CIPE over Dynamic NAT
From: Tony Langdon <tlangdon,AT,atctraining,DOT,com,DOT,au>
Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2002 22:41:34 +0100

>  I have a question actually, one which I cannot seem to 
> discern from the documentation and one which may have been 
> covered in the list previously (if so I apologise in advance)
> I have a Cable/DSL connection where my Telco does dynamnic IP 
> addressing to screw up anyone wanting to run any type of 
> service, not only that but they rotate the addresses every x 
> minutes. I have a dynamic DNS script (using expect) to get 
> the External IP from my router and update a DNS server with 
> the new IP address. Of course this (along with NAT) makes 
> running a standard VPN/IPSEC useless and I was looking at 
> CIPE as another possible. 
> Before I go too far down the testing route, I guess I have to 
> ask if the base CIPE will handle this setup?

CIPE should work, but you'd have to ensure that there is traffic passing
across the link constantly, so the other end can track your new IP address.

In any case, I'd start making noises at your ISP.  If your IP changes all
the time, you'd be unable to run IRC or anything else that requires an
extended TCP connection.  This also means there may be a solution here.  Try
connecting an IRC client to one of the standard IRC servers and leaving it
idle.  If the connection stays up, good, your IP should be the same.  If it
dies, I'd consider telling your ISP where to shove their (non) service. :)

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