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Subject: Re: Win32 CIPE on windows 2000 SP2(3) - crashing
From: "Peter Leschev" <peter,AT,leschev,DOT,com>
Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2002 23:23:59 +0100

Hi Damion,

               I setup CIPE over the weekend, and I'm
having problems with the Win32 port (Version
2.0-pre15). What I've found is that it crashes the
machine after waking up from a Stand By or Hibination.
(Starting the machine up normally, from a full Power
Off is fine).

On the desktop (Win2K), getting the link up is fine,
works well. After sending the machine to Stand By, and
then waking it back up, I'm not able to browse the net
(previously I was able to). Try restarting the the VPN
NT Service, fails to stop the service, but I'm able to
start it again. Net browsing is available for a little
while until the machine reboots suddenly. No error
messages, just a hard reboot.

On my laptop (Win2K), the same occurs as above, but I
send it to Hibinate instead of Stand By. When the
machine crashes it comes up with the same message as
issue "[ 582741 ] STOP error on w2k" on SourceForge.

Hope this helps & Let me know if you need more info /
more testing,

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