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Subject: CIPE & MS Remote Desktop Clients
From: Tim Fournet <tfournet,AT,penguinmonster,DOT,com>
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 17:39:06 +0100

Hi, I've got a CIPE connection between two Red Hat Linux servers
providing a VPN across two Windows networks. Everything works fine so
far, except for the Remote Desktop clients. When I try to connect from a
client on one side to a server on the other side (going either
direction), the client times out with "The connection to the remote
computer was broken. This may have been caused by a network error.
Please try connecting to the remote computer again." I've watched the
connection with tcpdump, and I see traffic going both to and from the
client and server on the RDP port; and there aren't any firewall rules
that I think would be affecting communications across the VPN. 

Has anyone seen this problem, or know what I can try to get it resolved?


-Tim Fournet

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