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Subject: "Unknown is not accessible."
From: gregory mott <gmott,AT,ntlworld,DOT,com>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 01:07:05 +0100

well i've got cipe-win2k working well enough to open shares on a snap
server from outside the (redhat7.2) firewall.

but strangely, when using an explorer window, and entering
"\\fileserver" in the address box, the explorer window hangs for a long
time, then says "Unknown is not accessible.  The list of servers for
this workgroup is not currently available."

but if i use a 'normal' window instead of an explorer window, it's fine.

or if i shut down the tunnel, open up the redhat firewall, and move the
WINS server definition out of the vpn tcp/ip properties and into the wan
tcp/ip properties, then an explorer window works as expected.

if i setup the tunnel again, clear my iptables counts, and examine them
after, it shows that no packets were dropped, so presumably that means
that nothing is trying to route the wrong way through the firewall.

should i be worrying about mtu's, or other reasons certain packets might
not be getting through?

i tried "service smb restart" (restarts smbd and nmbd) *after* bringing
up the tunnel, thinking that perhaps they might do something like take
inventory of available interfaces on startup.  but no help.  and
/var/log/log.nmbd still did not mention the cipcb0 subnet in the list of
subnets on which samba became a domain master browser.

can anyone shed any light on this?

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