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Subject: Some error in packet queuing (cipdrvr?)
From: Vladimir Michl <vladimir.michl,AT,hlubocky,DOT,del,DOT,cz>
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 10:20:40 +0100

I thing somewhere in CIPE is error in packet queueuing.

I have this config:

A -- CIPE -- udptunnel --- udptunnel -- CIPE -- B

udptunnel listen for packets from CIPE and send it through firewall to
other udptunnel.

If I run heavy traffic on CIPE link (udptunnel say me every packet
received or transmited - I view traffic on side B from side A via VNC
trougth CIPE tunnel).

On link start ping to other side work.

Than run traffic test (VNC).

After some time, ping to other side not run, but VNC work.
If some other traffic on link, ping work, if only ping traffic on link,
ping not work.

Ending udptunnel and starting not resolve problem.
Ending cipsrvr and starting it not solve problem.
Restarting machine solve problem.

I try simulate this without udptunnel. After some time, the
situation is the same. Ping work only if other traffic on link.
If only ping traffic, ping not work. Restarting cipsrvr not solve problem.

Traffic is generated by VNC to machine B and viewing VNC from machine B
to machine A. In machine A I have 3 window with pings to machine B which
generate events for VNC circle.

When I run this test in night to today, morning I see BSOD with
BAD_POOL_CALLER (0x7, 0xb8a, 0x87facd60, 0x87facd68).
I don't know if cause this BSOD is in CIPE.

I think that situation is following:

ping packet n -> CIPE ->
ping packet n <- CIPE <-

If ping not work:
ping packet n -> CIPE ->
ping packet n-1 <- CIPE <-

ping packets have response, but i thing that response is for (some)
previous packet.

Vladimír Michl <Vladimir.Michl,AT,hlubocky,DOT,del,DOT,cz>
Del a.s., Strojírenská 38, &Zcaron;&dcaron;ár nad Sázavou
pobo&ccaron;ka Olomoucká 355, Hlubo&ccaron;ky-Mariánské Údolí
tel: +420 585 353 548, fax: +420 585 352 364

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