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Subject: Re: Question about your NDIS driver
From: Damion Wilson <dwilson,AT,ibl,DOT,bm>
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 01:24:07 +0100
In-reply-to: <E7D41DF26971D51197F100B0D020EFF88DF37A@kashmir.silverbacktech.com>

I just looked at your logs again. The stupid thing is saying that NDIS 4.0 
drivers are "inappropriate" (!) for the platform. I'm not sure what to say 
about that except that, if that's true, Win2K shouldn't allow it to run at 

It saw my lack of support for OID_GEN_PHYSICAL_MEDIUM which is documented as 
optional, but that variation failed because of it.

It complained that OID_TCP_TASK_OFFLOAD was not supported, which it isn't. I 
don't know what I should do here...

And it complained about OID_PNP_CAPABILITIES which is needed for wake on lan. 
Need I say more about that ?

I'm not sure if these things are even required for dynamic routing. Ask the 
Microsoft Engineer for me since you already have his ear, I don't want to 
call them myself because it's always too painful. I have the WDM book 
somewhere so I suppose I should look there, too.


On Thursday 21 November 2002 10:39 am, you wrote:
> Damion,
> I was having a few odd issues w/ the CIPE virtual interface.  I ran NDIS
> Test on it and received the below.  There were a few warnings & failures
> before my system blue screened.  I attached the logs below.
> Does this mean anything to you?  The issue I was struggling with is that I
> cannot add routes for this driver on Win2K.  A Microsoft engineer told me
> to run NDIS tester to confirm it is a compliant driver.
> If you have any thoughts, it would be appreciated.
>  <<nd_cli.log>>  <<NDISTEST.LOG>>
> Joe Kinsella
> Director of Engineering
> Silverback Technologies
> http://www.silverbacktech.com
> Phone: 978-947-5607
> Email: jkinsella,AT,silverbacktech,DOT,com

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