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Subject: Retrieving kernel-allocated cipe device name
From: "R. Steve McKown" <rsmckown,AT,yahoo,DOT,com>
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 20:46:03 +0100

Hi all,

For my application, I wish ciped-cb to allocate a free
cipe device without specifically providing one.  I see
the kernel module supports this.  However, I need to
be able to 'query' the ciped-cb process to determine
the device name (or index) that was assigned, because
there are other actions that must be taken which
require the device name.

Is there a way to do this?

I've seen this handled before by having the daemon
process rewrite its command line to the name of the
device it handles.  If done for cipe, a ciped-cb ps
listing might look like:

smckown  11208 26631  0 11:51 pts/10   00:00:00

If there already isn't a good method to get the
allocated device, does the above approach have any
merit?  Are there a lot of existing management scripts
that depend upon the command line as shown by ps?  Is
there a better alternative?


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