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Subject: behind openbsd firewall
From: James Moss <moss,AT,acmeunix,DOT,org>
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2002 18:34:38 +0100

I've been searching for information on how exactly to go about making
cipe work from behind an OpenBSD firewall/gateway, but haven't been
succesful.  Searching the archives returns a 404 with the information:
The requested URL /~W1011/cgi-bin/htsearch was not found on this server.

If anyone has experience in doing this, or can point me to information
on this I'd appreciate it.  I'm fairly confident that the tunnel works,
as it did work prior to having the OpenBSD firewall/gateway in place.

The setup is as follows:

Box A -> <Internet> <- Box B <- Box C

previously working was:
Box A -> <Internet> <- Box C

Box A and Box C are running cipe.  From the information I've gathered,
it could be as easy as adding a route to Box B to allow safe connection
from Box C to Box A, but I haven't had any luck.  As I said previously,
feel free to point me in the correct direction.  Thanks.

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