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Subject: "Decryption CRC failed." on W2K to Linux
From: "Nathan Nichols" <nn-cipe,AT,plexserve,DOT,com>
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 00:18:21 +0100

I have a RedHat 8.0 machine and a W2K Pro desktop that I'm testing CIPE
with.  I've ripped out the old CIPE stuff out of RedHat, including the old
cipe.o module.

I recompiled CIPE 1.5.4 from source and installs it.  I'm running
CIPE-Win32 v2.0 pre15 on the Windows 2000 Pro machine.  Both machines are
on the same LAN for testing.

It appears that the link is up, but I'm seeing errors on the Windows side.

Decryption CRC failed. CRC=[47f9f7e4][d163f06c]
Decryption CRC failed. CRC=[ed88d555][f0d5aff4]
Decryption CRC failed. CRC=[ffd999f6][ef876a71]
[(untitled)] Sending CT_PING message
[(untitled)] NK_IND: Using peer's new key for decryption. Sending NK_ACK.

The RedHat box isn't listing any errors, but is scrolling messages about a
new peer being established after each key exchange.

For now, I'm using the options file that is included in the samples

Any ideas?

Nathan Nichols

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