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Subject: hostname resolution: where to setup DNS for private lans ?
From: Gregory Hosler <gregory.hosler,AT,eno,DOT,ericsson,DOT,se>
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 02:40:53 +0100


I am setting up the following setup (probably a default common one)

  Private LAN A --- Gateway A <--internet--> Gateway B ------- Private Lan B
  198.162.1.xxx      x.x.x.x                  x.x.x.x          198.162.2.xxx

Both gateways will be running CIPE/Masquerading, as well as DNS to serve each
respective local private lan.

My question is: how do hosts on Private Lan A resolve names for hosts on
Private Lan B ? Is it as simple as pointing the resolv.conf on Lan A hosts 
to Gateway B *and* Gateway A ?

Sort of related: Shall the domain name of Lan A be different from Lan B ? does
is matter if they are the same ? does it matter if they are different ?

tips, pointers to documentation, answers, all appreciated.

best rgds,


E-Mail: Gregory Hosler <gregory.hosler,AT,eno,DOT,ericsson,DOT,se>
Date: 14-Jan-03
Time: 09:11:39

  If each of us have one object, and we exchange them,
     then each of us still has one object.
  If each of us have one idea,   and we exchange them,
     then each of us now has two ideas.


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