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Subject: hardcopy of cipe documentation
From: Gregory Hosler <gregory.hosler,AT,eno,DOT,ericsson,DOT,se>
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 06:59:46 +0100

The info manual is all nice and very informative, but...

there are times when I would like to refer to hard copy.

The texinfo source available from the website

download lacks a referenced macro file necessary in order to run texi2div

        ! I can't find file `options.t'.
        <to be read again> 
        l.766 @include options.t
        Please type another input file name: 

does anyone have a copy of "options.t", or know where one is, or know another
method to produce hardcopy from the textinfo file ?

many thanks in advance.


E-Mail: Gregory Hosler <gregory.hosler,AT,eno,DOT,ericsson,DOT,se>
Date: 16-Jan-03
Time: 13:38:55

  If each of us have one object, and we exchange them,
     then each of us still has one object.
  If each of us have one idea,   and we exchange them,
     then each of us now has two ideas.


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