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Subject: Re: Additional security for laptops...
From: Gregory Hosler <gregory.hosler,AT,eno,DOT,ericsson,DOT,se>
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 11:14:22 +0100
In-reply-to: <Pine.GSO.4.44.0301171142460.885-100000@cs.uku.fi>

On 17-Jan-03 Mikko Pasanen wrote:
>       What i was thinking that cipe directory will be located in the
> encypted filesystem and symlinked to /etc directory, then it will not
> expose itself unless you have full access to harddisk. If the key managing
> is proper (laptop stolen -> all access denied to internal services ) I
> would be more worrying about the information which is lying on
> the local harddisk.

not sure if that will work, or not. The last para on the "Specifying Options"

        info cipe -> Configuration -> Specifying options

is quite clear about the options file. it's *very* picky. Whether or not it
will allow the options file to be a soft link is not clear, possibly worth
testing, but it would not be a big surprise if it didn't (because then it 
have to verify that the pointed to file had *no* directies under it that 
to meet the criteria).

you could always use command line option to otherwise specify the options file


> On Fri, 17 Jan 2003, Gregory Hosler wrote:
>> On 17-Jan-03 Mikko Pasanen wrote:
>> >
>> >       How about encrypting partitions which are containing critical
>> > information ? Of course it would be harder to borrow machines, but I 
>> > it possible to easily separate "critical" information and regular stuff,
>> > and then if the user cannot mount critical stuff they cannot access the
>> > network and can login with guest account.
>> the password is on the root partition (in /etc/cipe, which by definition
>> *will*
>> be in the root partition). if you're gonna encrypt the root partition, and
>> then
>> lend out the laptop, you need to release the password for the root
>> partition,
>> otherwise you might as well not lend out the laptop in the first place.
>> :)
>> -Greg

E-Mail: Gregory Hosler <gregory.hosler,AT,eno,DOT,ericsson,DOT,se>
Date: 17-Jan-03
Time: 18:01:07

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