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Subject: RE: Request for help getting pkcipe configured correctly
From: Evan Harris <eharris,AT,puremagic,DOT,com>
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 15:11:55 +0100
In-reply-to: <00f601c2c200$6a0f2080$d100010a@lyta>

The ping I was doing by hand (during testing), and I wasn't sure I should
use dynip since the ip address of the client in this particulare config
really doesn't change, only the source port, but I'll try it.

I think the root problem is making pkcipe on the server only setup ciped to
talk from a fixed port.  That way, when the client negotiates with pkcipe,
it would know to only talk to a particular port on the server, rather than a
random one, and thus allowed through the server's firewall.  This is
required since the firewall on the server side isn't under my control, and I
have to use an already allowed udp port (for security reasons, they won't
allow incoming udp:any->udp:any, though I can use udp:any->udp:fixed).



On Wed, 22 Jan 2003, Mark Smith wrote:

> My config looks like:
> -----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----
> <snip>
> -----END PUBLIC KEY-----
> ipaddr
> ptpaddr
> ping 10
> dynip
> which works fine from behind a firewall.  The IP address used by the
> 'client' pkcipe to connect to the 'server' pkcipe should be the same one
> that gets passed to ciped.  I couldn't quite understand from your message if
> it was the other end that was causing a problem - the IP address that the
> server sees the pkcipe packets coming from would be the one that was used
> for the remote end's ciped.  I might just be missing something, but could
> you give some more details?
> Regards,
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> Mark Smith - Avco Systems Ltd
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