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Subject: How to make CIPE for Windows work like a PPP connection?
From: max,AT,telcom,DOT,md
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 19:03:20 +0100

I need to make every host on my lan to use VPN. But they should be able to 
communicate with each other throu CIPE interface.
But if configure all them to be on the same subnet, nothing works because 
they try to get MAC of another computer. 
Have a look: ( = CIPE Net)
comp1 = me peer local ptp peer ptp
comp2 = me peer local ptp peer ptp
comp3 = me peer local ptp peer ptp

I cannot ping from, but I can ping any host on Internet 
(through masq) from any of them.

I understand that it should be like PPP connection, not Ethernet. Anyone 
solved the problem?

Thanks in advance, max.

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