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Subject: Re: [Fwd: cipe build problems]
From: Kim Lux <lux,AT,diesel-research,DOT,com>
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 15:32:18 +0100
In-reply-to: <1045712539.6221.20.camel@h68-146-142-19.localdomain>

I spent the evening trying to build and install CIPE.  It didn't happen
and I'm pretty frustrated.  I tried with RH8's CIPE and inka's CIPE. 

CIPE doesn't look like a very complicated package to install.  It
doesn't have a lot of dependencies, it doesn't require a lot of special
libraries, etc.  It shouldn't be that difficult. 

I don't mean to put anyone down when I say this, but the documentation
needs work, or at least it does to be clear to me.  Furthermore, I find
.textinfo docs to be a pain in the arse because they can't be logically
printed and I hate viewing docs on line when I've already got 6 windows
open trying to set things up.  I'd rather have a good man page than a
textinfo page.  Too many hyperlinks confuse me.  

I've taken the liberty of starting to edit and revise the CIPE
instruction manual. 

a) I propose that a version exist that isn't .textinfo.  Maybe PDF ?  

b) the thing I found when editing it is that the order that the
information is presented in jumps around a lot.  We go back and forth
from compile to load to compile errors to load to...

c) there is almost no correlation between the Redhat CIPE version docs
and methods and the inka version.  Truthfully, I am not sure the Redhat
instructions are even workable. 

d) there are about 6 critical points in the text that require an
explanation or example to make clear.  The whole process of making the
components, loading them and configuring them is really foggy to me.  My
editing comments will illustrate my point of view.  Furthermore, the
processes aren't even the same between Redhat and inka. 

I'm willing to revise this document, but I need  help as I am a novice
CIPE user.  I'm willing to share the editing I have done so far.  I'm
open to listening to any and all input. 


Kim Lux
Kim Lux <lux,AT,diesel-research,DOT,com>

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