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Subject: XP problems
From: Bret Hughes <bhughes,AT,elevating,DOT,com>
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2003 04:37:01 +0100

OK I feel like I have been through enough.  I have been working with a
redhat 8.0 server and xp client and fighting first the $&%^* redhat neat
setup that kept leaving me= and the *#%*( thing would then bind
the udp port to  I could not figure out why I could make it
work manually typing in the command line as I was trying to debug it.

I finally added me= to /etc/sysconfig/ifcfg-cipcb1 and it now
works with ifup cipcb1  yeah!

THEN I could not figure out why I had it working once from the XP box
and then BOOM blue screen of death.  I thought that had gone away in
XP?  Needless to say I can barely spell XP.

Aside from the blue screen,( happened twice btw ) The issue I have is
that the only wasy I can get the connection established is to enter
cipsrvr start from the command line. I saw some discussion in the
archives about some sort of timing or dependency issue.  Has that been
worked out?  Is starting a service manually as mentioned on one of the
posts I read simply doing it from the command line like I am doing?

BTW what is there some place that the status messages are documented? 
when I type cipsrvr status when it is working, I get CIPE service status
= [4].

Is that good?

Hang on and I will get a status from before the command line start after
a reboot ..............hmmm xp seems to take a really long time coming
up now ................... still waiting, not good ................

<elasped time probably three minutes on a 2.2GHz dell WS>

OK CIPE service status = [1]  so that is not good I guess.
ping other end og the link, no worky. 

cipsrvr start 

ping works after a minute or so 

status = 4 again

What are you guys doing to work around this.  I am trying to get this
working for a client with a small office and a few guys who need remote
access and to say that they are not computer aces is generous.

Do you thing that the long boot time, actually it appears to be the
login process that seems to be hurting, is related to the service having
problems? I might have hosed something with the BSOD I guess.

Any tips appreciated. These guys are pretty excited about the
possibility to see the network from home.

I can test stuff if you need me to but it will be monday unless I can
figure out a way to get this working at my house.  My laptop still has
XP home on it.  At least grub thinks it does it has been months since I
booted into anything but RH.

Keep up the good work and let me know if there is something I can do to
help.  I intend to work on the redhat bug and see if it is a bug or just
user error but so many of the redhat config tools are really flaky if
you ever try to tweek something manually I don't know if I can get any
where or not.  I wouldn't know a python if it wrapped around me.


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