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Subject: Re: how to tell if an interface is in use
From: Bret Hughes <bhughes,AT,elevating,DOT,com>
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2003 22:19:11 +0100
In-reply-to: <1045981224.2866.250.camel@bretsony>

On Sun, 2003-02-23 at 10:41, Dick St.Peters wrote:
> > How can I tell if a cipe interface currently has a peer connected? 
> In general, you can't.  CIPE being UDP based, there's no true
> "connection", just something that might be called "preparedness".  If
> both ends are ready to talk, the tunnel works and can be considered
> up.  If one end goes down, the other won't know about it until it
> tries to talk.
> If your end shows the device as "UP", your end is ready to talk.  You
> can then try ping'ing the other end.  If you get messages like
>         kxchg: recv: Connection refused
> then the other end is not ready.
> --
> Dick St.Peters, stpeters,AT,NetHeaven,DOT,com 

Well that makes sense.  I guess I could ping the other end of the
connection(s) to see what is up.  I am thinking a status program that
will let a network administrator know who is connected.  Perhaps a php

Can I query ciped-cb for information like the last time the dynamic key
was negotiated?  can I even find out if a connection is using dynamic
encryption keys and has no fallen back to static keys?

I guess I should crank up the debug value in modules.conf and see what I

Any tips appreciated,


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