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Subject: strange problem with CIPE & NAT
From: Martin Pedak <martin.pedak,AT,nordtech,DOT,ee>
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 16:38:09 +0100


Transfering small ammounts of data works fine. But when there is more 
data something happens...?

XP - My WinXP (Home), with dyn IP. (with routing setup)
GW - RedHat 7.3 with static IP (firewall, NAT, cipe)
internal network
TEST - some machine in internal network()

Now, for example:
i start my XP and all - CIPE tunnel and routing, etc - works fine.

i can ping all machines in internal network, eaven the names are resolved.

but there is some problem:

when i do ssh (using PuTTY) connection to some machine in internal 
network (call it TEST), and type for example "ls -la" in big directory 
then connection hangs.

when i browse samba shares - i can get only listing of the shares, but 
can not get inside - connection hangs ...

but :) when i test with gateway machine i can not recreate problem: ssh 
to GW (internal addres) and i cat very big files - nothing happens.. 
works fine.

How to solve this issue?


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