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Subject: Re: winCIPE questions?
From: Tuomas Harju <tjharj,AT,utu,DOT,fi>
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 03:12:09 +0100

Need some clarification
> 10. Select the properties for the "CIPE VPN Adapter" and setup the 
> IP 
> information for this adapter. The IP address you set here will be 
> the VPN IP 
> address for this host.

So I should add some IP let's say, subnetmask but 
what should I put as default gateway?(My Real network adapter?)
And should my friends put (is it called point to point address?) something 
like 192.168.100.*? 

>13. Enter the cipe settings for this peer connection. The 
>fields are analogous 
>to those in CIPE on Linux.

Where can I find out these? That Peer P2P address should be*), 
rigth? What if my friend is behind nat and don't even know his IP outside? 
What should I put in Peer IP address? Should my IP come to Local IP 
Address(just to make it clear)?

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