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Subject: RE: cipe-Win32 (2.0-pre15) and ARP requests...
From: "Jacques Morend" <jmorend,AT,sportaccess,DOT,com>
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2003 14:13:57 +0100

Thanks for your exchange ... was very usefull

We use cipe between linux box (4 remote officies/users since 1999) to 
interconnect remote segment together, going well ... running fine.

Beginning of march, I try to connect a single W2k laptop and I follows the 
same hard road like Lawrence. Last friday, I run a sniffer and I notice this 
ARP request stuff.

Well, I place the two gateway in the same class and now I can access the 
entire network.

But (it's always a 'but'), when I try to access windows share I get the 
following message in log:

'liliane kernel: UDP bad checksum. from 'notebook':137 to 'linux box':137 
ulen 58

I have no problem with ftp, http, terminal server, PcAnywhere or when I made 
a smb connection from linux box to notebook.

Thanks you for your help and idea.


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Objet : Re: cipe-Win32 (2.0-pre15) and ARP requests...

Rod and Tony,

Thanks for the replies.  They made me take a step back and realize
that my routing was wrong :)  I decided to set my notebook's PTPAddr
to and the server's PTPAddr to  I then added
a static route of via on my notebook, and a
static route of via on my home network's
default gateway.  After doing this, everything is working perfectly.
I can now ping/access all of the hosts on my home network from a
dial-up connection.  We'll see what happens tomorrow when I'm in the
office and behind our firewall.

I guess my issue before was that I was trying to use the
interface as the gateway address for the subnet,
causing windows to think that hosts were on the local CIPE
interface.  This was probably causing Windows to send ARP requests,
which weren't being answered.  Spoofing the MAC address to the interface somehow caused the packets to make it through
the tunnel and back.


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