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Subject: Re: CIPE source code modifications
From: Carsten Emde <ce,AT,ceag,DOT,ch>
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2003 00:23:35 +0200
In-reply-to: <3E62A96A.9080905@ceag.ch>

Hi Damion,

just finished cipe-2.0.pre-15.wa-19. There are now only five files that 
are different between the two panel versions, and it is now possible to 
easily switch between the versions. I hope that this makes it possible 
to suppport the two panels during the next couple of months (until the 
advent of the management console).


These are the changelog entries since my last posting:

#16     03/25/03        cbe
The mechanism to prevent several peers from having the same name did not
work correctly when the default name "(untitled)" was used several
times, fixed.

#17     03/31/03        cbe
Failure to resolve the hostname of the remote peer is no longer
considered fatal; the user may now decide to ignore this error message,
e.g. when a working Internet access is not available while CIPE is being
installed. Added network dependency to the CIPE server to ensure that
the system does not attempt to start the CIPE server unless networking
is up and running. Added failure recovery to the CIPE server (try to
restart every minute). Provided a short description of the CIPE server
function that is displayed in the Services control panel. Added the
deletion of additional routes to the automatically generated startup and
shutdown scripts. Added Restart button to restart the CIPE server. This
button is needed to explicitly disable a passphrase protected CIPE

#18     03/31/03        cbe
Under some conditions, cipepanel's calling process could crash as a
result of a late panel message, fixed. Provided the script update.bat
to install cipsrvr.exe and cipepanel.cpl on top of cipe-2.0.pre-15.

#19     03/31/03        cbe
Merged the original 2.0.pre-15 version with the current version and
reduced the number of different files. Appended -wa to the name
prefix of the different files:
All other files can be used in both environments. Renamed the update
script to update-wa.bat. Added another script update.bat to install
the original panel. The two panels may now be switched:
1. Donwload, unpack and install
2. Type update-wa to install the new panel.
3. Type update to re-install the old panel.
The sources can be obtained from

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