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Subject: OT: WIN98 to NT4 Server VPN?
From: "Jürgen K. Zick" <juergen.zick,AT,ifa,DOT,uni-kassel,DOT,de>
Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2003 08:59:06 +0200
In-reply-to: <E191Xra-0002Xb-00@bigred.inka.de>

Hi folks,

sorry for an OT question. One of our home users is still using WIN98 on his 
home workplace and he don't want to change to something else.
Our NT server has CIPE but that is not available under WIN98 ...He also 
wants to connect to another server (but not to both at the same time), 
which has no VPN until now. The second server is not under our control, but 
they would rely on our recommendations.
Firewalls are in front of both servers. Again, we have our under control, 
the other admin is willing to follow our settings for a VPN to that user...

What might be the best (and most cost effective) solution (the same product 
for both connections)?

Workplace WIN98 (IP dynamic with DNSALIAS for name resolution) <---> NT4 
Server 1 (static IP, already with CIPE)
Workplace WIN98 (IP dynamic with DNSALIAS for name solution) <---> NT4 
Server 2 (semi-static IP, address change once, maybe twice a day, already 
used with DNSALIAS for name resolution).

We could run e.g. CISCO's VPN client on that WIN98 box as well if there 
would be a matching product on the NT4 server. Our university has a CISCO 
3000 VPN but until now, it is used ONLY for the campus WLAN and is not open 
to connections from outside of the campus network. The WIN98 user knows 
that client and can work with it

best regards,


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