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Subject: Re: OT: WIN98 to NT4 Server VPN?
From: "Eric M. Hopper" <hopper,AT,omnifarious,DOT,org>
Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2003 17:27:33 +0200
In-reply-to: <E191Xra-0002Xb-00@bigred.inka.de>

On Sat, 2003-04-05 at 00:45, "Jürgen K. Zick" wrote:
> Hi folks,
> sorry for an OT question. One of our home users is still using WIN98 on his 
> home workplace and he don't want to change to something else.
> Our NT server has CIPE but that is not available under WIN98 ...He also 
> wants to connect to another server (but not to both at the same time), 
> which has no VPN until now. The second server is not under our control, but 
> they would rely on our recommendations.
> Firewalls are in front of both servers. Again, we have our under control, 
> the other admin is willing to follow our settings for a VPN to that user...
> What might be the best (and most cost effective) solution (the same product 
> for both connections)?
> Workplace WIN98 (IP dynamic with DNSALIAS for name resolution) <---> NT4 
> Server 1 (static IP, already with CIPE)
> Workplace WIN98 (IP dynamic with DNSALIAS for name solution) <---> NT4 
> Server 2 (semi-static IP, address change once, maybe twice a day, already 
> used with DNSALIAS for name resolution).
> We could run e.g. CISCO's VPN client on that WIN98 box as well if there 
> would be a matching product on the NT4 server. Our university has a CISCO 
> 3000 VPN but until now, it is used ONLY for the campus WLAN and is not open 
> to connections from outside of the campus network. The WIN98 user knows 
> that client and can work with it

Got get a 32M P100 and put Linux on it.

My main CIPE server at home is just such a box.  It handles the VPN
tunnel for my laptop, my friend (so I can remotely admin his box for
him) and (when I had a job) my workplace.

It's extremely cheap, easy to set up, and it will run forever.  I have
had uptimes on my firewall of 6 months or more.

Have fun (if at all possible),
The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they
be properly armed.  -- Alexander Hamilton
-- Eric Hopper (hopper,AT,omnifarious,DOT,org  

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