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Subject: Net Use Error
From: Computer Fix Limited <ckells,AT,paradise,DOT,net,DOT,nz>
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2003 07:46:37 +0200

OK I've moved on from my original message "Back to Basic's"
Now have net use problem as listed below.

WINXP dialup connects to Linux Server RH8.0 using cipe ok.

Winxp cipe ------ Linux server Internet 203.x.x.x ------ Linux
server Local lan --- Linux server cipe

PC named desktop at 

FRom WINXP can ping local cipe, remote cipe, remote server and PC's (desktop  on the remote lan.
Coming back the other way all pings ok.

>From WINXP issue command net use m: \\desktop\c get error "System error
58 has occurred" "The specified server cannot perform the requested
Have tried net use m: \\desktop\c /USER:computerfix\colin xxxxxxxxxx
same errors.

ethereal on eth0 shows:

Negotiate Protocol Request
Negotiate Protocol Response, Error : Unknown SRV error (51f)

After this DNS appears to questions DNS servers on internet.

All PC's including linux server have hosts and lmhosts entries.

I have disabled NAT in firewall.

FORWARDING is enabled from cipcb0 to and back the other

Any help would be appreciated

Computer Fix Limited <ckells,AT,paradise,DOT,net,DOT,nz>

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