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Subject: RE: CIPE instability
From: "Michael Clarke" <mclarke,AT,timetra,DOT,com>
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 13:51:34 +0200
In-reply-to: <41A9B157C50CD31184F20008C79F796802E5A246@KYO1>


Hmm... these sound very much like the kind of problems my MTU and
KeRaiseIrql fixes address. There are two more stability problems
remaining that I'm looking at, namely the handling of errors from the
WSARecvFrom call in CipeSocketIO.cpp and changing the CT_PING/CT_PONG
logic to match that of the Linux version to provide NAT gateway
keepalives. I'll let Damion and list know if I find that a fix to CIPE
is necessary.


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Subject: CIPE instability

Hi all,

I am one of  user who is using CIPE win32 more than 1 year to connect 10
remote PCs.
and I don't have Linux version of cipe. just I run two win32 cipe on NT
But, from the starting, it doesn't show good stability on my ADSL.
I check firewall and both servers stability. but, I can not find any
a firewall and server stability.
But, my ADSL lines doesn't have stability. it sometimes happening some
and CIPE didn't back to normal until reboot both of server.
Also have problem using of PCANYWHERE thru the tunnel.
I tried many time to solve this problem but, I can not solve it.
Also, it looks weak from any hackers port scan and some other attack.
easlily die.
need to reboot NT and 2K.
I remembered some other users have same this problem, but, can not have
And I can not use http connection thru this tunnel. it shows not stable.
will die soon.
So, I did stop most of all services in NT and win2K and  I also changed
from NT to 2K. but, no effect. I can not say it is not stable but, if
don't have stable network then please test over 1 week before use it.
Anyway, unfortunately my manager is changing our structure to H/W
solution from CIPE win32.


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