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Subject: Re: CIPE instability
From: "Juan Antonio Ruiz Zwollo" <J.Antonio,AT,jaruz,DOT,com>
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 18:09:49 +0200
In-reply-to: <009501c30279$396562f0$1f0016ac@eng.timetra.com>

> Hmm... these sound very much like the kind of problems my MTU and
> KeRaiseIrql fixes address. There are two more stability problems
> remaining that I'm looking at, namely the handling of errors from the
> WSARecvFrom call in CipeSocketIO.cpp and changing the CT_PING/CT_PONG
> logic to match that of the Linux version to provide NAT gateway
> keepalives. I'll let Damion and list know if I find that a fix to CIPE
> is necessary.

I have been using CIPE on W2K connected to a Linux Box for more than a year
now and have experienced tunnel instability (every now and then the tunnel
connetion breaks down (no pings go through) and is restored by itself after
a few minutes (pings start flowing again)).

Are the MTU and KeRaiseIrql fixes mentioned above already included in
Version 2.0-pre15 Win32 version? I have not seen new releases for quite some

Kind regards,

Juan Antonio

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> Subject: CIPE instability
> Hi all,
> I am one of  user who is using CIPE win32 more than 1 year to connect 10
> remote PCs.
> and I don't have Linux version of cipe. just I run two win32 cipe on NT
> and
> 2K.
> But, from the starting, it doesn't show good stability on my ADSL.
> I check firewall and both servers stability. but, I can not find any
> problem
> a firewall and server stability.
> But, my ADSL lines doesn't have stability. it sometimes happening some
> disconnections.
> and CIPE didn't back to normal until reboot both of server.
> Also have problem using of PCANYWHERE thru the tunnel.
> I tried many time to solve this problem but, I can not solve it.
> Also, it looks weak from any hackers port scan and some other attack.
> easlily die.
> need to reboot NT and 2K.
> I remembered some other users have same this problem, but, can not have
> solution.
> And I can not use http connection thru this tunnel. it shows not stable.
> will die soon.
> So, I did stop most of all services in NT and win2K and  I also changed
> OS
> from NT to 2K. but, no effect. I can not say it is not stable but, if
> you
> don't have stable network then please test over 1 week before use it.
> Anyway, unfortunately my manager is changing our structure to H/W
> firewall
> solution from CIPE win32.
> Bye,
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