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Subject: RE: Problem compiling CIPE with kernel 2.4.20
From: "Frank De Meulenaere (CADservice)" <fdm,AT,cadservice,DOT,be>
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2003 11:07:07 +0200
Cc: 'Micha Nelissen' <mdvpost,AT,hotmail,DOT,com>
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Title: RE: Problem compiling CIPE with kernel 2.4.20

Then we must have different kernel-sources. On my system (RedHat 9, kernel 2.4.20-9), task_struct starts on line 382, and ends on line 525. next_task is no longer a member of task_struct, but a #define'd macro (line 950).

I didn't go to kernel.org for the kernel-sources, just installed them using RedHat's up2date.

Are you also using RedHat?



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Sent: dinsdag 29 april 2003 10:53
To: Frank De Meulenaere (CADservice)
Subject: Re: Problem compiling CIPE with kernel 2.4.20


I have built CIPE successfully with a vanilla kernel 2.4.20, ie I didn't have to make such a change.

BTW: next_task seems to be a pointer to a task_struct structure (line 330 of sched.h in task_struct definition), so 'p=next_task(p)' seems very strange to me.



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From: Frank De Meulenaere (CADservice)
To: 'CIPE Mailing list (cipe-l,AT,inka,DOT,de)'
Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2003 10:35 AM
Subject: Problem compiling CIPE with kernel 2.4.20

Is anybody else using kernel 2.4.20 (used in RedHat 9)?
I had problems compiling CIPE, because the definition of 'task_struct' in the kernel-header linux/sched.h has changed. By changing the line 'p=p->next_task;' in cipe/device.c into 'p=next_task(p);', I was able to compile successfully. Can anybody confirm that this is the right thing to do? I know next to nothing about kernel-programming.

Frank De Meulenaere
CAD service

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