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Subject: Re: Static routes to specific servers through VPN adapter (ratherthan connecting two subnets together)?
From: Phil Scarratt <fil,AT,draxsen,DOT,com>
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2003 15:51:49 +1000
Organization: Draxsen Technologies
References: <1054749988.3ede3524c02c5@chaos.smallworld.no>

Yes it would. Simply make the mask for each route on Windows. By default (ie without adding any routes manually under windows) you will only be able to acccess the linux firewall machine.

To do this, the easiest thing to do is to put the PEER ip addresses of the CIPE link on a different subnet to either end - eg 192.168.3.x


Arne Kepp wrote:
Hi, I am currently in the process of building a new firewall with VPN support
and CIPE is currently my first choice, but I have a quick question:

Given the following configuration:

W2K machine with on "eth0" on NATed network + CIPE VPN adapter
ADSL router with internal IP , dynamic external IP
Linux firewall with fixed external IP yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy, internal ip
and CIPE
Servers with IPs and

Say that the W2K client only needs access to those two servers, would it work 
simply add a static route to (and another one for .3) through the
VPN adapter? I do not want the VPN device to be the default gateway for all
traffic and I do not want to bridge the subnets.

Any better suggestions or links to howtos/tutorials/examples regarding windows
cipe clients would be appreciated too : )

Thank you ,

Arne Kepp
SysAdmin, Smallworld Systems AS

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