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To: Louis Nafziger <mancini,AT,humble,DOT,net>
Subject: Re: Windows Routing Question
From: Phil Scarratt <fil,AT,draxsen,DOT,com>
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2003 14:32:19 +1000
Cc: cipe-l,AT,inka,DOT,de
Organization: Draxsen Technologies
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Put the command to add the route in a batch file and put the path and name of the batch file in the "Startup Script" section of the CIPE Settings control panel applet.

For example, you might make a batch file called addroute.cmd in C:\Windows\System32 and put the

route add mask

line in it. Then on the CIPE control panel applet, in the box next to Startup Script, you would put "C:\Windows\System32\addroute.cmd".

Out of interest, you WILL NOT have to run a command to remove the route when closing the connection as any routes to do with the interface are removed.


Louis Nafziger wrote:
I have Cipe up and running between a Redhat 8.0 server and a Windows XP client. I have one issue:

I want my windows client to be able to access all of the machines on the local server network, which is easily accomplished with the following route command:

route add mask

( is the virtual address of my redhat server.)

This works beautifully, however I have to manually run the command whenever I bring the VPN link up, or whenever I reboot my computer. How can I have this route come up automatically whenever the vpn link comes up?


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