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Subject: RE: CIPE-Win32: communication breakdown
From: "Michael Clarke" <mclarke,AT,timetra,DOT,com>
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 11:11:24 +0100
Importance: Normal
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I'm not an expert on the linux implementation, but I don't think that
the ICMP can't fragment messages received as a result of CIPE sending
out an encrypted UDP frame with DF=1 are passed back to the originating
TCP interface.

I am more familiar with the CIPE-Win32 implementation, and that doesn't
appear to copy the DF bit into the outgoing UDP frames and so would need
more work to make TCP PMTU-D work.


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Subject: RE: CIPE-Win32: communication breakdown

> I've confirmed this to be a problem at our site when 
> communicating either
> between Win32 and linux or linux and linux.  What I don't 
> understand is why
> the clamp mss seems to fix the problem.  There don't appear 
> to be any blocks
> that'll prevent the ICMP replies to TCP DF requests, so MTU should be
> negotiated correctly, and thus MSS.  Can someone explain to 
> me, or point to
> an explanation, as to why the clamp is needed?
> As for Win32, I've found no such fix.  The Win32 machines 
> simply do not
> work, and I don't have control over all of them in order to 
> drop MTU.  I
> need another solution, and I'm sure there must be something out there.
> More information needed...

Anyone had any thoughts on this?

Mark Smith - Avco Systems Ltd
email: mark.smith,AT,avcosystems,DOT,co,DOT,uk
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