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To: "Cipe list \(E-mail\)" <cipe-l,AT,inka,DOT,de>
Subject: port progress: pkcipe for win32
From: "Mark Smith" <mark.smith,AT,avcosystems,DOT,co,DOT,uk>
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 18:40:53 +0100
Importance: Normal

To those interested:

I never could keep good news to myself.  I have just successfully tested the
first (read: pre-alpha) version of pkcipe for Win32 that successfully
connects to pkcipe under Linux, negotiates and prepares a tunnel for use.
Now, before you all mail me asking for a version, it is by no means ready.
I just thought you might like to know that positive progress is being made.

I will attempt to keep you all uptodate as things progress.  The next things
that I need to do are to tidy the whole thing up, right now it's a mess of
comments and porting information that seriously needs converting to use
native win32 methods, and to find a way to talk to the service in order to
actually start the tunnel.  The latter of these is being worked on in
parallel by DKW, I'm hoping this might give him an incentive...

The first version I will release *will* be commandline, a GUI will come
afterwards once it's settled down.  At this point, I need time to work on
it, I will then be able to post asking for alpha testers.  My thoughts at
this point in time is a simple GUI that allows configuration of the folder
it will need to find the files to read containing the local private key
and/or the remote's public key, an option to determine whether it's acting
as server or client, and the socket specific configuration of which port to
use, and for the client, which server to connect to.  I am anticipating the
pre-release version to make it as far as running as a service, but that
really is a long way down the development path.

Without going overboard on debate, I would like some input as to the user
interface people would like, and any features that people would need.  I
would prefer this to be an open debate on the list, as mails sent directly
to me won't get a chance to be thought about, discussed and added to by

I'm hoping that cipe will become far more viable with this addition, and
coupled with the ongoing work by DKW and Dmitry, we should have a version
that can operate on any Win32 platform, both direct and by pkcipe.  I'm also
hoping that Winfried's modifications, and perhaps others, will enhance the
Linux version - I may modify pkcipe for Linux in similar ways if things end
up going that way.  I'm intrigued by the libpcap suggestion, I'll have to
wait and see on that one.

Take care all, and stay happy,

Mark Smith - Avco Systems Ltd
email: mark.smith,AT,avcosystems,DOT,co,DOT,uk
Tel: +44 (0)1784 430996 Fax: +44 (0)1784 431078

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