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To: Vladimir Hirner <vladoh,AT,microstep-mis,DOT,com>
Subject: Re: Routing
From: Phil Scarratt <fil,AT,draxsen,DOT,com>
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 20:06:20 +1000
Cc: cipe-l,AT,inka,DOT,de
Organization: Draxsen Technologies
References: <013c01c349e3$15a82210$fd91a8c0@mstep>

From what i can tell, the problem lies with the fact that once the ICMP echo req gets to the destination computer (lets call it PC_DEST), PC_DEST does not know the specific route back to the source of the request (lets say for eg NOD1). All PC_DEST knows about is the LAN - and it's GATEWAY - presumably NAT_FW_2 . This means that PC_DEST will send the ICMP ECHO RESPONSE to the default gateway, ie NAT_FW_2. As NAT_FW_2 is NOT the end of the cipe tunnel it does not know where to find either, it will try higher up the chain - ie the internet.

Add a route on NAT_FW_2 that tells it where the gateway to is - ie on NOD2. This MAY or MAY not work/be possible depending on your setup.


Add a route to all client machines in the local network that tells it how to reach the remote cipe'd network. So using the example above, PC_DEST would have a route that says something like: mask NOD2.IP.Addr interface PC_DEST.IP.Addr


NOD2.IP.Addr=LOCAL NETWORK interface ip address (192.168.2.x)
PC_DEST.IP.Addr=LOCAL NETWORK interface ip address (192.168.2.x)

Easy ways to do this? If you run a domain type network you can use the logon script files to add the appropriate routes or possibly even AD services (I'm only guessing here as I've never used active directory).


Vladimir Hirner wrote:

i want to ask some questions about routing problems in CIPE configuration.

My config:

PC-win2k (NOD1)  - NAT FW 1 - internet - NAT FW 2 (running udp redirector) -
PC-win2k (NOD2)

1: NOD1:

Local IP:
Peer IP: NAT 2:1111
Local PTP:
Peer PTP:

local network:
routing: mask using interface through  using interface mask using interface

2: NOD2:

Local IP:
Peer IP: NAT 1:1111 (i think, it could be also because real peer ip
is handshaked in CIPE connection)
Local PTP:
Peer PTP:

local network:
routing: mask using interface through  using interface mask using interface

When the connection is established from NOD1 to NOD2, i can ping both sides
of tunel and also physical IP address of PCs running CIPE devices (NOD1 and
NOD2), but i cannot ping any other PC in internal network on both sides (so
i cannot ping from NOD2 and form NOD1 i cannot ping

I think problem is this:

I checked sended packets and the ICMP echo req. is sent through tunel from
NOD2 to NOD1 and then its sent from NOD1 into local network. But its sent
with IP of NOD2s tunel endpoint. I tried changing PTP addreses to network (so (NOD1) and
(NOD2) - because NOD2 should have default route into tunel, so its enough to
allow access from NOD2 to NOD1s network, not from NOD1 to NOD2s network) and
then ICMP packet sent from NOD2 is forwarded into network with
source address, but it also didn't get back.

So i think this happend:

1. PTP network
destination didn't know how to respond to packet sent from network,
so the solution would be to add static route into destination to use
physical IP address of NOD1 (or NOD2 on the other side) to pass the packet.
Another solution would be to enable on NOD1 and NOD2 NAT (how i can use nat
on windows 2000? there is only connection sharing but dont know if it would
make the right think).

2. PTP network
packet sent from NOD2 into network is sent with source IP but it could not get back because the destination doesn't
know its ethernet physical address so it tries to send ARP req. with but it seems CIPE device doesn't answers it, so destination
could not send response packet.

How should i configure CIPE to get access to whole internal network?



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