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To: cipe-l,AT,inka,DOT,de
Subject: Re: Broadcast and CIPE-Win32
From: Olivier Guyotot <Olivier.Guyotot,AT,free,DOT,fr>
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003 22:44:33 +0200
References: <001d01c34ad9$068d5470$d100010a@lyta>

Well, thank you all your answers.

There are still things I don't understand, and it's still not working, but I have more details.

First, just a question:
is there a difference between the setup you're suggesting and mine?
If I understood correctly, you told me to configure things this way:
box1 :
box2 :
netmask : and broadcast
My setup is the following:
box1 :
box2 :
netmask : and broadcast
That seems pretty much the same for me, but, as I already said, I have a poor understand of networking stuff...

Now, I download Ethereal (a simple network analyzer, available for windows too) to check what is exactly going on when I use the VPN. I was quite surprised to see that in fact, ALL the traffic sent on the CIPE device was actually forwarded on my internet connexion, broadcast or not. I checked at the other end, and again, all the packets were received.
Which means that, when a game is broadcasting on box1 through the CIPE device, box2 receive the information, coming from the right IP address and on the right port. Therefore, why box2 doesn't see the games created on box1 (if box2 makes a direct connexion on box1 IP, it's working)?

I really didn't understood every thing about bridging, but I suppose that since broadcast is actually working with CIPE, it shouldn't be necessary. Still, I tried Etherbridge (the link of Hans Steegers - thx). It seems to work with CIPE, and with Ethereal I was able to check that all traffic going through the CIPE device now also goes through the local ethernet device (it's what it was supposed to do right? or did I completely missed the point?). But it made no difference: I am still not able to play LAN games...

Well, here I am. I really don't understand why games are not working when all packets are correctly sent and received (or at least seem to be).
I hope my bad english doesn't make all this stuff to much "unreadable".
And thanks again for all your past - and future I hope! :) - help.

PS: before downloading Ethereal, I also tried to add a route for broadcast, but that seems to be impossible with windows. Something like "route" leads to an error, while it's working with other non-broadcasting addresses.

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