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Subject: RE: Win2kpro Cipe starts only with Admin
From: "Christopher Woods" <chriswoods,AT,infinitus,DOT,co,DOT,uk>
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2003 04:47:01 +0100
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Initially I thought that you could perhaps use the Run as Different User
feature that you can use in Shortcuts to, obviously, run just that
programme or file as a different user, and thus, assign it different

Unfortunately, upon trying that on a bat file of my own (just a simple
directory listing generator) the checkbox to let me do that was
disabled, but then I had another thought: the Tasks applet.

And, this works.

Hit Start -> Run and type in "tasks" (sans quotes). When the Tasks
applet loads, make a New task, and give it a name, and then in the
Properties for the task assign the batch file to it. You'll see in the
"Run As:" box your current computer name and username, separated by a
backslash. For instance, on my PC, it shows by default
"CHRISTOPHERW\Administrator". Change this to your computer name and your
username, and then click Set Password to assign a password to the task
so that other users can't modify the settings or disable it.

Then hit the Schedule tab, and choose "At System Startup" from the
Schedule Task dropdown box. Then, on the Settings tab, turn off the
option to Stop the task if it runs for xx hour(s) xx minute(s) (my
defaults are 72 hours and 0 minutes).

If you wish to assign additional security properties to the task, hit
the Security tab and do your stuff there. You can assign other users the
Read & Execute permission so the task will run for them, or you can do
it the other way (and the way I prefer, but I never trust Security
Permissions as something always goes wrong) and setup the task while
logged on as the user(s) you wish to have CIPE enabled for. The magic
bit is where you set the Run As Different User so CIPE can run under
Admin privileges but the user isn't affected, nor are they given Admin
privs themselves.

Please hit me back with some feedback as to the success of this, as a) I
don't run CIPE myself... yet, and b) I'm the only user of this box :) so
I'd like to hear if my theory works (like I hope it will - and should).


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> Subject: Win2kpro Cipe starts only with Admin
> Hi folks,
>       I finaly made cipe run with Win2KPro. The command "cipe 
> install" 
> is supposed to make cipe starts as service at boot time, but this is 
> happening only for Admin. I wrote a "batch" file to make this 
> possible 
> with any user, and moved this file around the folders without 
> sucess. Any help with Win2kPRo gurus under cipe would be 
> appreciated. TIA, RSalles
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