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To: cipe-l,AT,inka,DOT,de
Subject: Question about routing through CIPE interfaces
From: Bruce <bruce,AT,oec-sys,DOT,com>
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 10:52:10 -0700
Organization: Office Equipment Company
Reply-to: Bruce <bruce,AT,oec-sys,DOT,com>

  I'm working on building a moderate size VPN network, consisting
  partly of computers already connected via VPN.  Eventually all the
  locations will need to link back to one central machine, and things
  are looking fine so far.

  One thought I had though was to use the 'central' server location as
  the only VPN connection back to this main server, and use the
  sub-networks already connected.  So, this would make a network kind
  of like this:
  |S1:192.168.1.x   |--+
  +-----------------+   |  +---------------+   +---------------+
                        +--|L3:192.168.3.x | --|M4:192.168.4.x |
  +-----------------+   |  +---------------+   +---------------+
  |S2:192.168.2.x   |--+

  With multiple sub-locations (S1 and S2) and multiple main locations
  (L3) all ending up connected to the central location(M4).  My issue
  is that although I think I understand how to connect these, I'm not
  sure I'm doing it right, or routing it right. I am able to establish
  the connection between L3 and M4, but not able to get a response
  from S1 or S2.  Help?

   Bruce Sackett

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