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To: "Fabio Muzzi" <liste,AT,kurgan,DOT,org>
Subject: Re: Re[4]: Problems compiling Cipe 1.5.4 on kernel 2.4.21 (Debian)
From: "Hans Steegers" <hsx,AT,dds,DOT,nl>
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 21:28:12 +0200
Cc: <cipe-l,AT,inka,DOT,de>
Reply-to: "Hans Steegers" <steegers,AT,steegers,DOT,nl>

Hello Fabio,

I have downloaded the debian 2.4.21-3 kernelsources and done a little
It seems that netlink from the 2.5 source tree (patch-2.4.21-1) has been

In dst.h, in struct dst_entry:
-       unsigned                mxlock;
-       unsigned                pmtu;
-       unsigned                window;
-       unsigned                rtt;
-       unsigned                rttvar;
-       unsigned                ssthresh;
-       unsigned                cwnd;
-       unsigned                advmss;
-       unsigned                reordering;
is removed and replaced by:
+       u32                     metrics[RTAX_MAX];

an array, defined in linux/rtnetlink.h

dst->pmtu is now accessed by a subroutine:
    dst_pmtu(struct dst_entry *dst)

the other members are now accessed using:
    dst_metrics(struct dst_entry *dst, int metric).

There are probably many more differences, so after replacing

dst->pmtu by dst_pmtu(dst)

new errors most likely will follow...

There are many more changes, especially in net/ip.h causing even more

I dislike this backporting business. It is an illnes called impatience.

Complain to the maintainer  Herbert Xu <herbert,AT,debian,DOT,org>

Hans Steegers

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