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To: "Deas\, Jim" <James.Deas,AT,warnerbros,DOT,com>
Subject: Re: Routing a flat network across a CIPE pipe
From: Veros Kaplan <veros-cipe,AT,tac,DOT,cz>
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2003 08:59:59 +0200
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Deas, Jim wrote/napsal:
: How do I setup a routing table to use CIPE on a flat network? Do I have
: to take each individual machine on the network an route remote addresses at 
the CIPE gates?
: Is there a way to make this more transparent?
: I am trying to get 10 addresses on a class C net to work at a remote 
location using CIPE I do not
: want to create a new subnet or a baby DHCP unless I have to.

   I didn't fully understand your question. 
   I assume that you're on network (say and you want to
connect another machine ( to it through CIPE. Am I right?

   Then you can set proxy-ARP on CIPE server sitting on the network
(assuming Linux), see arp(8). Unfortunaltely, you still have to set
route on the remote machine connecting to network.

Věroš Kaplan

PS: Be kind to my English...
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