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To: "David A. Osborn" <david.osborn,AT,mchsi,DOT,com>
Subject: Re: Win2k and CIPE
From: Jake Bullet <jbullet,AT,cats,DOT,meow,DOT,at>
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2003 02:32:09 +0100 (BST)
Cc: cipe-l,AT,inka,DOT,de
In-reply-to: <005701c370de$ade9d7e0$ec7bfea9@david2eq84h1w3>

On Mon, 1 Sep 2003, David A. Osborn wrote:

> Well I was finally about to get a Linux to Linux CIPE connection
> working so now I'm working on a Win2K to Linux CIPE connection, but I'm
> coming up with some issues.....

I have it running quite well.
> 1)  How do you add a route to Win2K permanently?  When ever I restart I
> lose my route configuration.

What routes are you adding? The adapter usually adds a route for the other
end.  Are you trying to route beyond the Linux box?
> 2)  The only way I can get the CIPE connection to work is to run
> "cipsrvr console", It will give me some messages,  Decryption CRC Failed
> being that main one that concerns me, then it will let me ping thru the
> CIPE connection as long as I have that console window up.

I found that it all worked fine if you follow the instructions in the
readme.txt (sections 1b - On Windows 2000: and 1c - Adding Peers)

Have you added a key and selected a cipher in the control panel.
> Also on startup the preparing network connections message box is
> extremely slow (like 3 to 4 minutes), which I am assuming has something
> to do with the link not getting setup correctly.

This is because the CIPE Service 
"DKW Heavy Industries VPN Adapter. Service"
is trying to start before the rest of the network is running, and thus
fails.  This is supposed to be fixed in the next version.  If you really
need it to start itself go to My computer -> Manage -> Services and
Applications -> Services -> DKW Heavy Industries VPN Adapter. Service ->
"Recovery" tab -> First failure, set to "Restart the service".

I got fedup of waiting at bootup, so I set the service to "Manual" and I
only start it when I need it.

p.s. if you ever disable the CIPE interface in the Network & Dial-up
connections, stop the DKW Heavy Industries VPN Adapter. Service first as
it can get stroppy when you enable the interface again.

p.p.s. I've been trying to get the Linux box at the other end of mine to
route packets, and to get the Windows2k box to route packets for the
subnet down the link in the first place.  If you find the solution, please
post it :-)

Oh and I get huge numbers of "kernel: cipcb1: got bogus length=9" and
"kernel: UDP: bad checksum. From realip:4522 to cipeip:712 ulen 46" but it
seems to work :-/

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