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Subject: Re: [Fwd: Re: tcpdump - laptop]
From: James Knott <james.knott,AT,rogers,DOT,com>
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 13:44:13 -0400
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Renato Salles wrote:

Here's the relevant portion of log.nmdb on the notebook.

[2003/09/11 21:59:45, 0] nmbd/nmbd.c:main(783)
  Netbios nameserver version 2.2.3a started.
  Copyright Andrew Tridgell and the Samba Team 1994-2002
[2003/09/11 21:59:45, 0] nmbd/nmbd_subnetdb.c:create_subnets(240)
  create_subnets: No local interfaces !


Did you see that?

An example of a running smb.conf here:

# Configure Samba to use multiple interfaces
# If you have multiple network interfaces then you must list them
# here. See the man page for details.
   interfaces =

My netmasks are correct, is the VPN tunnel range. The others
are niks interconnected to win32 LAN's.

That's ***IT***!!!

I can now successfully browse Samba shares (OS/2 too!).

My thanks to everyone here who helped with this problem. I'm sure it was as frustrating for you, as it was for me. Even though it was a Samba configuration problem, I received far more help here, than from the Samba mail list or newsgroup. (They didn't respond at all.)

Thanks again.


Now, if I could only get CIPE to work on XP. ;-)

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