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Subject: Re: Slow file sharing performance
From: "Hans Steegers" <hsx,AT,dds,DOT,nl>
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2003 12:01:03 +0200
Reply-to: "Hans Steegers" <steegers,AT,steegers,DOT,nl>

I think, James holds a record here: over 80 messages for a single problem,
and not even CIPE related: nmbd couldn't handle the interface/netmask and
needed it specified in it's configuration file (interface=).

If he had bothered to look in his log files in the first place, he would
have noticed the error message complaining about it and saved us all a lot
of time.

What still wonders me is what happened to his NFS problems? Quietly solved?

Hans Steegers

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From: Allan Latham <alatham,AT,flexsys-group,DOT,com>
To: cipe-l,AT,inka,DOT,de <cipe-l,AT,inka,DOT,de>
Date: Saturday, September 13, 2003 11:37 AM
Subject: Re: Slow file sharing performance

>Hi all
>I have just got back from a few days away and found just less than a
>messages in my inbox - how did we live before e-mail?
>Many of these relate to this problem which looks like it's now solved.
>Can someone write up a problem summary and solution to this for posterity
>the next time it comes up we can solve it quickly?
>Perhaps you could do this James as a little thank you to all those who
>Best regards
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